ATMI Precast is one of the largest precast concrete companies in the Midwest, and our work with schools, churches, public works facilities, waste water treatment plants, recreation centers, field houses, municipal facilities, and recreation centers are just a small example of our experience in this space. Developers of these type of structures require the durability of a precast building system, and desire the design that innovative precast concrete can offer. We have a consistent and valued relationship with all owners, developers and general contractors, and we look forward to each opportunity to serve our clients.

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Why Use Precast Concrete?

Designers are recognizing the numerous advantages that architectural precast concrete cladding can offer public buildings. While precast buildings generally result in an accelerated construction time and building with precast concrete panels is usually more cost-effective, the variety of finish options can tip the scales in favor of precast construction. Furthermore, public buildings are often concerned with sustainable development, holistic design, and a structure that provides a healthy environment. Precast concrete projects meet these demands, and many more. Does precast concrete sound like a match for your project? Give us a call!