Building with precast concrete panels for retail has been a consistent market for ATMI Precast. Precast concrete large panel systems feature architectural details and provide load bearing capacity, while eliminating the need for exterior steel framing and providing a more open feel to the retail space. This open floor plan is achieved by utilizing larger precast panel construction with longer spans. Most architects will utilize the architectural wall panels for the retail entrances and then complement the balance of the project with traditional insulated precast concrete wall panel details. We have a consistent and valued relationship with all owners, developers and general contractors, and we look forward to each opportunity to serve our clients.

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Why Use Precast Concrete?

Large and well-known retailers worldwide choose precast concrete construction time and time again when it comes to remodeling, expanding, or building a new store. The reason? The advantages of precast concrete work are simply hard to beat. Precast prestressed concrete is cost-effective, built to last, and offers a wide range of finish options. Furthermore, precast concrete panels can be used for both exterior and interior applications. Does precast concrete sound like a match for your project? Give us a call!