Parking Decks

Adequate and efficient space for parking is an essential component of a successful building design. At ATMI Precast, our  production facility allows us to simultaneously make all precast building system components that are required for a precast parking structure. This eliminates delays to the jobsite and offers a quicker delivery to the site once the project is awarded. Our wide selection of precast concrete finishes gives the architect an opportunity to accent their precast building. We have a consistent and valued relationship will all owners, developers and general contractors, and we look forward to each opportunity to serve our clients.

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Why Use Precast Concrete?

Standard surface parking is not an option for many of our clients for a variety of reasons. Precast modular construction is the ideal process for creating a multi-level parking structure that is both functional and complements your precast concrete building design. Precast concrete is a high-performance material that assimilates well with other systems while meeting the demands of high-performance structures. Other benefits of a precast building system include speed of construction and a relatively low precast concrete cost per square foot. Does precast concrete sound like a match for your project? Give us a call!